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SM-1517 28-Compartment Pill Organizer
as low as $ $3.49 USD

Debossing Information

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Set-Up Charge

US $50.00/CDN $55.00(G); US $25.00/CDN $27.50(G) on re-orders.

Additional Location

US $50.00/CDN $55.00(G) set-up plus US $1.25/CDN $1.38(G) per piece run charge. Please specify location, (see examples below). If location NOT specified, factory will print location 1. NOTE: Images are NOT to scale.

Item Proof

US $50.00/CDN $55.00(G) set-up plus end column price of item. Allow 5 working days. Please note that PRODUCTION TIME BEGINS AFTER RECEIPT OF WRITTEN APPROVAL. Proof Charges do NOT apply to order.

Production Time

3 working days or 7-10 days for Standard Service; Canadian 7 Day FOB Toronto service also available.