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DIY 3D Virtual Spec Samples

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Bullet Line® offers the ability to create your own virtual spec samples through the website prior to placing your order. Three dimensional (3D) rotating images of our popular items are available on-line.

Easy step-by-step procedures will guide you through creating your own virtual samples which can be e-mailedto your client immediately upon completion. No more “paper proof” fees or delays in processing your orders!

How to make a virtual spec sample

  1. Find your product

    On the Products page, click the button "Create a virtual sample" that is underneath the image.

  2. New Users are required to create a portfolio

    The portfolio is your home base - this is your own private password protected area where you can store and save artwork and virtual samples that you create. This is also where you can e-mail your samples. We do not sell, trade, lease, rent or lend personal information about customers or members to any third party.

  3. Upload your artwork

    Most file types are accepted - JPEG, GIF, TIFF, PNG, BMP, PDF and most EPS files.

  4. Click the “Place Art” button to customize the product you selected

    When you have finished uploading your artwork, you can customize the sample using the interface provided.

  5. When you are satisfied with your virtual spec sample, save it and return to your portfolio

    Use the customization features to add your artwork and any text needed for the product.Modify, re-size or position the artwork inside the imprint area provided. Click the magnifying glass any time you want to see the the changes you have made.When ready, save the sample & return to your portfolio.

  6. Scroll down in your portfolio to the “Idea and Snapshots” section to find the sample(s) you Wish to e-mail

    Click in the small white box so that a checkmark appears and click the blue “E-mail Checked” button.

  7. Verify the “From” information and type in the e-mail address for your client

    Verify the “to:” box and click “Add to List”. Click the “Next” button.

  8. Type the e-mail message in the “Accompanying Message” and “Comment Each Idea” box

    Use this feature to e-mail a quote along with the spec sample.

  9. Click the “Send” button

    Wait for your client to approve the sample and place their order!